Corporate responsibility

The impartial specialist caring for customer's interests

Granlund follows the principles of sustainable development in all its activities in order to maintain its position as a responsible corporate citizen. The principles of socially responsible activities can be roughly divided into two categories: internal activities and project activities.

In regards to our internal activities the main principles are the following:


  • fair rules for everyone
  • openness
  • good performance and an opportunity to invest in development of the company
  • active prevention of corruption, gray economy and other economic implications

Social aspect

  • ensuring personnel's well-being
  • treating employees equally
  • employees have opportunities to develop
  • support for overall positive social development


  • constant reduction of the company’s carbon footprint
  • supporting the personnel's environmental ideas
  • open communications/reporting

Impartiality is one of Granlund's main principles. We are an impartial specialist which does not have interests that could affect its impartiality. We always make our decisions and give our recommendations based on the customer's interests, using the principles of sustainable development whilst relying on the best possible expertise.

Granlund's customer project activities opens up remarkable opportunities to affect the environmental impact a customer has on the environment as well as other areas of corporate social responsibility. The impact of these opportunities is significantly bigger than that of the company's internal activities.

As part of every customer project, the Granlund employees’ task is to actively work according to the following principle:

  • aim to recognize possibilities to improve energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint or find other solutions to support corporate social responsibility
  • actively introduce the most suitable solutions for the customer and the project as well as the possible risks
  • use their expertise and cooperate to ensure an efficient implementation of the selected solutions

Corporate social responsibility forms an integral part of the Granlund Group's management practices. In practical terms this means goal setting is an integral part of the strategic process as well as active monitoring and management.

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