Quality systems

Our company has had a certified quality system since 1998, as have our subsidiaries since 1999. The purpose of the RALA certification (known as RAKLI-SKOL-ATL until the end of 2011) is to:

  • offer companies recognition of a system that is suitable for the domestic market
  • make it easier for the customers to evaluate and select their suppliers during tendering processes
  • offer companies a tool, in the form of feedback, to assist develop of their systems and improve their resource planning, risk management and competitiveness.

The certification procedure ensures that the company's system meets the evaluation criteria, that the agreed procedures are being applied in practice and that the company's operations are being developed. The RALA certification is also a sign that the company's products and activities meet the requirements set out in the evaluation.

The evaluation criteria for design and construction services cover the following areas:

  • Management and development
  • Personnel and support functions
  • Tendering and contract activities
  • Design projects and project activities

For more information about the RALA certification procedure, visit www.rala.fi.


Quality Control Manager
Maila Herva (vanhempainvapaalla, sijaiseen saat yhteyden laatupaallikko@granlund.fi)