Design systems

Granlund is developing new generation design systems for the management of HVAC equipment data.

One application or database is not enough to control the HVAC design process from the beginning of the project to the maintenance of the building. Integration between different systems is necessary.              

Needs change as the project proceeds, which means that the accuracy of the information provided by the applications must also change.

If design data is processed based on databases at the beginning of a project, it is possible to use the data throughout the construction process, for example to make comparisons.

Does the airflow measured at the construction site meet the space-specific requirements set during the general design phase and the simulated need for cooling power? 

This and many other questions need answers. A design system must be able to combine information from many different programs and use it to make comparisons in order to support decision-making.

Granlund has launched its first new generation design software called Granlund Designer. Granlund Designer is a browser-based system which processes HVAC equipment databases.   

Granlund Designer is part of a larger solution that enables the creation and analysis of design data as well as data modeling based property maintenance. The application can also be used during the construction phase.


Technology Director
Tero Järvinen
+35850 323 2934