Indoor environment solutions for Chinese working environments with Big Data

Intelligent Indoor Environment in China (I²E-China) is a two-year project, funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, with a total budget of €2 million. The project began on 1 April 2015. Our long-term partners involved in the project are Rapal, a provider of facility management software and Halton, an expert in indoor climate technology.

The Chinese partner for guidance group activities is Glodon, a bill of quantity software developer, who has recently expanded into CAD software with their acquisition of Finnish Progman Oy. Granlund is one of Progman's largest Finnish customers. Co-operation with Glodon will enhance the expansion endeavours of all parties in the Chinese construction and maintenance market.

The goal is to research the Chinese maintenance market and to find out what kind of business concepts work in China. In addition, the project aims to create an innovative common concept that can be used to improve the indoor air quality and energy efficiency of buildings. The users of the properties and the need to make better use of buildings' Big Data are at the core of this concept.

The first phase of the project is to find out what data is the most valuable for managing indoor climates and what kind of technologies can be used to collect it. It is intended that the pre-emptive property maintenance method is developed in the direction of necessity, which means that indoor environments will be controlled based on real-time information to provide the optimal conditions for property users in an energy and cost effective way.

The second phase of the project will create optimisation algorithms and calculate use cases for energy optimal indoor environment solutions. The results of the recently completed Indoor Environment project's will be refined alongside. The third phase of the project will find out how the indoor environment can be used to provide information that is interesting to users and to involve them in controlling their own environment with new mobile technologies, for example.

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