Innovation and Development Strategy 2012-2016

The Granlund corporate strategy forms the basis for our Innovation and Development Strategy. It is set apart by world-class expertise in the building management business and software, and its business first development activities.

The development targets of our innovation strategy for 2012-2016 are new energy solutions, an area where we intend to be the foremost experts globally, developing the service experience of our customers, and using new co-operation models to elevate our co-operation.

Investments in future expertise

Innovation and development activities are responsible for the development of the entire company and for this reason our focus on these areas is so strong. In 2014, we spent nearly €4 million on research and development, which is roughly 8% of the group's turnover.

We implement this strategy with different research and development (R&D) projects and theses, of which we award the best every year. Our R&D projects allow us to network with top industry experts in Finland and all around the world. Maintaining high-quality research requires funding, which we receive from both the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and from international EU sources.