Software development

Our customer-oriented software development department produces tools for the building industry

Our software development department is in charge of developing commercial software products. The employees in the department work closely with the product managers of our business units. Through cooperation we can make sure that our software development department produces the best possible solutions for the market.

In addition to programming, our software development department also does a lot of other work, such as system architecture design, specifications, testing, user interface design, database maintenance and usability design. The department is also responsible for information system integration between different customers’ systems within the building industry. Commercial applications include both software products that are for sale and internal, strategically important applications.

There are currently two separate units under the software development department umbrella. One of the teams develops a tool for maintenance management, known as Granlund Manager, while the other focuses on an integrated building design program known as Granlund Designer. The department is divided into teams and the duties within each team have been defined very thoroughly. The department follows an iterative development model, which means that product versions are typically created in one-month cycles.


Technology Director, Software Development
Kenneth Lassila
+35850 568 6083