Strategy for Granlund’s innovative operations


Throughout its history, Granlund has placed more focus on its innovations and developments than is common to the construction field.

Also, on the basis of future success, new innovations and continuous developments are of paramount importance. There is a strong belief in the company and, therefore, also this year, Granlund has budgeted as much as 40 man-years towards innovation and development operations.

We obviously do not carry out the developments alone, but together with our domestic and international partners – both companies and research institutes. For this, development projects are a good tool and make it possible to allow such large investments. Since 2000, we have already participated in six EU projects, 12 Tekes- projects and in 3 working packages of the newest RYM Oy co-ordinated research programs. Another innovation resource is dissertation works. Last year alone, Granlund was the location for one doctoral work, 13 master's theses, seven engineering works and one polytechnic graduate degree – thus, consisting of a large amount of the latest information and new talent.

At the present time, the short-term goals and plans up to 2016 have been addressed in the form of an Innovation and Development Strategy. It has identified three areas of development, which will be emphasised in particular: new energy solutions, service experience, and new models of cooperation.

Energy regulations are tightening, and by 2021, only buildings that are close to zero-energy will be built, and users will demand even greater energy efficiency from their premises. It is only natural that one of the focal areas of the innovation and development activities to be selected is new energy solutions. Our aim is to be a recognized expert and a sought-after partner in the development of energy-efficient solutions - whether it concerns solutions that are property or regionally specific.

We will develop our service experience from a user-orientated and visual viewpoint. Our aim is to achieve a superior service experience – whether it concerns planning, consulting or our software production.

In the development of the quality of construction processes, a substantial role is held by new models of cooperation. More and more new contract models are turning up in Finland, such as the Alliance and IPD, in which the parties to the construction are "in the same boat". Thus, all parties have common objectives and the consortium either succeeds or fails together. In these projects – also those that are traditional- cooperation can be improved with the correct methods and tools, leading to additional improvements in final results.