Energy Pilot

A cost-effective method for managing energy

Energy consumption often accounts for the majority of a building's maintenance costs and environmental impact. Energy Pilot is a cost-effective expert service that is suitable for managing the energy efficiency of both individual buildings and multiple property locations. We bring the best practices and the most efficient tools in the industry to your organization and offer a large global company’s resources and services.

Energy Pilot is an energy management service that enables you to ensure an optimal level of energy consumption and improved energy efficiency. The extent and content of the service is always defined together with the customer based on the aims and recognized needs.

Examples of Energy Pilot services:   

Analysis of the current situation
Strategic aims -> action plan -> implementation

Technical solution
Monitoring of consumption and technical performance -> smart reporting

Energy management
Monitoring and analysis -> reaction and measures -> energy saving

Energy efficiency agreement -> environmental classifications -> corporate social responsibility

Expert services
Reviews of conditions -> energy reviews -> solutions

Support and training
Guidance and training for property maintenance employees and users


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