Extensive framework agreement on HVAC design and consultation

Electric power and automation group ABB have locations in over 100 countries and 21 Finnish towns. Their largest factories are located in Helsinki, Vaasa and Porvoo. ABB has over 5,000 employees in Finland.

Granlund has provided ABB with HVAC design services since the 1980s. ABB has used Granlund Manager, our maintenance management software, since 2006, and its use is being supplemented with the Maintenance Pilot consulting service. The goal is to lead, design and manage the maintenance of ABB's properties as an efficient whole.

A central theme of the ABB-Granlund partnership is the energy efficient property maintenance. Large factory areas are constantly changing, which means the whole package is easiest to maintain with one large partner. Granlund can provide ABB with additional resources, expertise and the latest view on current building maintenance trends.

This extensive framework agreement will ensure the continuity, flexibility and efficiency of building maintenance design and consultation services for ABB. ABB is making use of nearly all of Granlund's service catalogue even now. The services are being extended from the Finnish factories to Estonia, for example.

"The maintenance situation at the Pitäjänmäki factories in Helsinki has improved remarkably since 2006, when we first started using Granlund Manager. For example, we overhauled our power grid and improved our cooling systems. The most important thing, however, is the service and maintenance system that allows us to be aware of our properties’ maintenance needs and get the required work done. We have a better handle on the overall situation and money gets used in the right places. The help desk is invaluable to us as well."
Matti Suomalainen, Usage Manager for ABB


Senior Advisor, Electrical
Matti Urjo
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