Sustainable development and comprehensive energy management

Citycon is a market leading owner of shopping centres in Finland, and Granlund's long-term cooperation partner. In 2013, Citycon Oyj and Granlund signed an extensive cooperation agreement covering all Citycon sites in Finland. Granlund provides Citycon with comprehensive energy management services and software with software integration.

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The aim of the cooperation is to develop the energy efficiency and profitability of shopping centres owned by Citycon in accordance with the values of sustainable development. For example, modern information systems, control services and remote readings of energy and water consumption are used to calculate maintenance costs and manage fault situations.

In a wider sense, the cooperation also aims to consolidate sales in the retail sector, eco-conscious brands and customer loyalty. Granlund's expertise and multidisciplinary competence in building services, ICT systems and environmental management help at finding solutions to also activate stakeholders.

“For us, sustainable development is also an important part of both strategic and operative management. In addition to economic and social responsibility, Citycon pays particular attention to environmental responsibility. Our energy cooperation with Granlund aims at reliable and well-integrated information management and the opportunity to continuously develop our operations together.”

Marko Juhokas, Senior Vice President, Group Development and Sustainability at Citycon Oyj

Citycon is party to the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries for 2008–2016, which follow on from the voluntary Energy Conservation Agreements launched by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 1997.  The Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries determines the indicative energy conservation objective at 9 per cent for 2016.

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