Energy efficiency is paramount at CSC's data centres

The IT Centre for Science (CSC) is a state-owned corporation that develops IT infrastructure and offers IT services for scientists. CSC's Espoo and Kajaani data centres are among the most efficient in the Nordics. CSC and Granlund began their partnership in 2007 with the Espoo data centre’s project design, and solidified the partnership when the Kajaani data centre project began in 2010. At that point, Granlund was involved as the building maintenance expert for the first phase. The second partnership agreement was signed in 2014 and will cover the following four years.

The Kajaani data centre is located in a former UPM paper mill, and is home to the two most powerful computers in Finland, Sisu and Taito. Granlund was involved as the HVAC expert for the data centre's first phase of renovation, which was completed in 2012. During 2014, the data centre was expanded with a modular solution, which involved prefabricated containers being integrated into the existing property.

Granlund was in charge of the expansion project's HVAC construction and supervision. Managing the project included creating the tendering material for the contractors for finding energy efficient solutions. The Granlund PLUS services were apparent in the Granlund Data Center team's work, especially in the requirement specification phase.

The data centre's HVAC solutions received special attention when it came to energy efficiency. The PUE figure, which indicates a data centre's energy efficiency, was the most important thing. All of the property's systems, such as the cooling solution, were chosen based on their energy efficiency, which allowed the data centre to reach a high PUE score of 1.04. The data centres are also ISO/IEC27001 certified for safety.

”Granlund was very adaptive to our requirements. The team that was built for us is compact, so we can receive service that is flexible with all of the experts easy to reach. Our co-operation is open and honest and as such, we trust Granlund's expertise for many other projects. In 2015, our partnership will continue with the Keilaniemi, Espoo energy review project that's related to the new law on energy efficiency and the data centre's life cycle survey."
Jukka-Pekka Partanen, Development Manager for CSC


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