Senate Properties

Motivating customers to save energy

Senate Properties owns over 10,000 buildings in Finland that comprise over 6 million square metres of work and office space. Senate Properties uses Granlund's software, design services and energy consultations to improve their properties' energy efficiency.

Because energy savings are often dependent on personal choices, Senate Properties encourages the users of its properties to take part in improving energy efficiency. User electricity projects conducted at nearly 100 properties (2014) have been a good incentive. The idea of these projects has been to gather user-specific information on electricity, water and heat consumption.

Our Granlund Manager software makes it possible to monitor and manage energy consumption on a per-user or per-office basis. Senate Properties has implemented the software nationwide as an energy management and maintenance budgeting tool. Additionally, the co-operation between Granlund and Senate Properties includes maintenance process and information system overhauls, quality audits and compilation of energy certificates.

"The Senate Properties user electricity project, launched in 2010, was an excellent example of everyone pulling together. It is intended to reduce the property users' energy consumption by changing their habits. The project has met all its expectations. In just a few years, we've managed to reach six-figure savings in energy costs. The first figure isn't a one, either."
- Esa Halmetoja, Development Manager, Senate Properties