Eco-friendly data centre management

TelecityGroup is Europe's leading provider of operator-neutral server centres. The company is committed to effective environmental strategies and complies with, for example, the strict EU data centre practice regulations to improve energy efficiency. TelecityGroup is strongly expanding its operations in Finland and their key sales argument regarding data centres is energy efficiency. Granlund has designed and monitored the implementation of energy-efficient solutions at TelecityGroup.

Finnish data centre operations are international, and continuous development is demanded from data centre property maintenance services. High quality maintenance software is needed in the sector to provide fast reporting to units in various operating countries of corporations. When designing the systems, it is also important to take into account recommendations, such as guidelines from the Government Information and Cyber Security Management Board (VAHTI).

Granlund Manager maintenance management software has a version dedicated to data centres. In addition to TelecityGroup, it is used in hundreds of data centres. Customer feedback from international operators such as TelecityGroup has been key to the development of the software.

“It is especially important for use that device information, service descriptions, plans and other documents related to data centre maintenance are easily and readily available, regardless of the time or the place. Granlund Manager provides us with these features and, as the most important feature off all, monitoring of service tasks. With time, Manager has become the core of our data centre operations, which the maintenance supervisors and our technicians use actively in their daily work.”

Kalle Koski, Senior DataCenter manager, TelecityGroup

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