University Properties of Finland

Metering revamp as a part of life cycle thinking

University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) produces facilities and offers maintenance services for universities outside Helsinki metropolitan area. SYK has campus areas all over Finland, from Turku to Vaasa and Lappeenranta to Rovaniemi. SYK is committed to decreasing its energy consumption by 6 per cent by 2016: the conservation objective is 1.2 million euros (Ministry of Employment and the Economy Energy Efficiency Agreement).

In 2011, SYL and Granlund signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement concerning energy management. It aims at optimising energy consumption whilst creating well-functioning building services systems and indoor conditions in the facilities according to their use.  The cooperation further aims at creating a new metering solution to control the energy, electricity and water consumption of the properties.

The first stage of the meter revamp comprised almost 800 new meters. Together with Granlund Manager Metrix maintenance management software, they offer user-specific information about energy consumption. The information is provided hourly at a minimum by the building. Granlund was responsible for the overall coordination of the revamp, and large part of the design, construction and supervision. Granlund also developed the design and documentation guidelines.

“Our challenges in terms of energy management are not only to do with the massive amount of real estate we own, but also the various purposes of the buildings as well as their age distribution, and the fact that some of them are listed buildings. We are convinced that Granlund is able to optimize the consumption of energy and provide good indoor conditions within all of our buildings, irrespective of their purpose. We are also convinced that Granlund will improve the functional and financial efficiency of the HVAC systems and increase the life cycle of our property maintenance processes.”

Jarmo Perkiö, senior real estate maintenance specialist for SYK.

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