Wärtsilä Finland

Considerable energy savings

Wärtsilä participates in the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries for 2008–2016 which determines the indicative energy conservation objective as 9 per cent. Wärtsilä aims to exceed the objective by one per cent.

Granlund has conducted an energy conservation survey for Wärtsilä and provided measure proposals to decrease energy consumption. A large part of the energy conservation will be provided in metal industry by the use of network converter utilising new kind of converter technology, which enables conversion of electricity so that it can be fed further to the 50 hertz national mainframe. The technology is based on converter technology used in wind power plants. The system will be implemented in two stages and after the implementation of the stage two in summer 2015, the maximum output capacity can be as high as 26 MW.

“In addition to Wärtsilä providing its customers with sustainable energy solutions in shipping and power production markets, we are also committed to energy efficiency. Wärtsilä was already party to the voluntary Energy Conservation Agreement and has since then cooperated constantly with Granlund Oy in continuous savings.”

Marko Vainikka, director, corporate relations and sustainability, Wärtsilä

Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries for 2008–2016



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