Building services help to control maintenance costs

We design energy-efficient and financially sound building service solutions for commercial properties. Long-term planning enables the property’s maintenance costs to be controlled throughout the life cycle of the property.

Our experts have experience spanning decades in new construction and renovation of large retail chains and shopping centres. The shared goals are carefully documented and renovations performed in a controlled manner in stages. It will be possible to keep commercial premises open to customers throughout the renovation process.

We utilise computer models and other illustrative design methods. We aim to decrease energy consumption, for example, with heat recovery from refrigeration and cooling systems. Moreover, we provide the retail sector Metrix software, which can be used for optimising the functioning of building services systems and to follow the energy consumption and the quality of the indoor air in the building.

Customer-oriented shopping centre
Modern shopping centres offer experiences and varied restaurant, healthcare and cultural services. We are well-versed in handling large projects and building services solutions in different facilities. We ensure that our customers have pleasant conditions, such as fresh indoor air and top-quality sound reproduction. Lighting design serves to highlight the best there is on offer.


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Jarmo Seppänen
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