Discreet building services for cultural facilities

We design HVAC and electrical engineering as a discreet part of architectonically challenging building for cultural facilities, such as libraries, concert halls, churches and museums. The aim is to create an energy-efficient whole by using the latest technology that will serve users in a versatile manner.

Before starting the design work, we map out and carefully document the needs of the users of the building and our shared goals. We present the various building services options illustratively, since choices made at the design stage ultimately decide the life cycle costs of the entire building.

We have experience spanning decades in new construction and renovation of demanding cultural and entertainment environments. Our customers include public organisations, art institutions, foundations and parishes.

A disturbance-free experience for visitors
In the design, we take into account the various uses of different facilities and any special requirements of indoor premises. We support the visitor's experience with lighting design, presentation technology and silent air conditioning. Technical solutions will be hidden or can be highlighted to support the details of the building.

Optimal conditions
Lighting, presentation and safety systems as well as HVAC technology will be designed separately for each facility according to its purpose of use. We ensure that valuable artworks, costumes and instruments are stored and used safely in the best possible conditions.


Deputy Managing Director
Jukka Tyni
+35850 525 0211

Senior Advisor, Electrical
Matti Urjo
+35850 525 2242