Data Center, Mission Critical

Holistic Design and Consultancy for Data Centers.

Granlund responds to future challenges by strengthening its expertise and service selection in terms of its data center operations. The expectations of growth are high in the industry and the technology, practices and standards are also developing at a rapid pace.

The number of data centers being built is growing and the need will only increase during this decade. Over 70 % of data centers are over seven years old and the need for data processing is growing rapidly. Old data centers cannot offer sufficient capacity, the systems lack efficiency and the reliability of the old equipment does not meet the current standards. It should also be remembered that many international companies are interested in having data centers in Finland because of the cold weather and free cooling, political stability, lack of natural disasters, availability of electricity, competitive prices and number of ICT experts in the market.

Granlund wants to respond to the challenges and in the process become a pioneer in data center consultancy and design. The company established a separate data center team to strengthen our expertise and ensure that our data center projects have the necessary resources. Granlund is able to provide design and consultancy expertise for all technical matters related to building data centers from the concept stage requirements to use and maintenance processes.

Granlund Manager is also widely used in our datacenter services, get to know more.


Department Director, Mission Critical
Jari Innanen
+35850 563 8233