Versatile educational facilities now and in the future

We have been designing building services for Finnish comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools, vocational institutions and universities for over 30 years. Our designers know the future challenges of educational institutions as well as the latest building services solutions, including HVAC, building automation and presentation technology systems.

Our experts take into account the varied uses of the educational facility and the special needs and requirements of various premises, such as offices, classrooms and auditoriums, woodwork shops and laboratories. We will also ensure the use of the various premises within the building during summer months and in leisure activities, for example as a meeting facility or a concert hall.

We also provide the educational sector with versatile nationwide consultation services related to energy management, consumption monitoring and metering as well as maintenance manual management. The Granlund Manager software is extensively used in Finnish schools and universities.

From user orientation to energy efficiency
We design the building services for facilities with an eye to user needs. Before starting the design process, we document our shared goals and, for example, determine the objective values for indoor air and quality requirements for various types of facilities. In building services design, we also take into account the use rates of various facilities and use according to need, which helps to optimise the energy efficiency of the building as a whole.

School buildings with long life cycles are renovated in stages
Experience is required in the renovation of large schools and campus areas, in particular. Our designers specialising in the educational sector will ensure that the renovation takes place in a smooth fashion in stages and that the educational institution can stay open even during the renovation. We will combine parts of the building of different ages into a well-functioning whole.


Department Director, Building Automation
Anders Strand
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