Supporting the future of healthcare

Ever since Granlund was founded, we have handled building services solutions where the best experience, best competence and absolute quality are needed. Our services aimed at the hospital and healthcare sector support Finnish well-being, one hospital at a time.

Hospital-quality special expertise and user orientation are achieved only through action. Granlund has over 50 years' experience in the healthcare sector and over 100 designers specialised in the hospital sector. They are well-versed in operating methods and equipment, as well as the hygiene and safety requirements at hospitals.

Close cooperation with medical staff and users is an essential part of our activities.

Energy efficiency as part of healthcare
Granlund's energy-efficient solutions provide means to control operating expenditure at both at private clinics and university hospitals. Ways to achieve savings include technical solutions, choice of materials, adaptability of premises, and utilisation of free energy sources (geothermal heat, solar energy and waste heat).

Modern hospital
Granlund's top-tier information technology expertise helps to predict customer needs and to offer a modern service experience. We have a strong presence in R&D activities in the sector and provide modern alternatives to improve, for example, personal safety. Well-functioning information technology (ICT) solutions make the work of the medical staff easier and more efficient, so investments in the design stage produce savings throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

Shared goals create success
Granlund’s operating method in the hospital sector includes reaching agreement with the customer and the user on shared goals even before the start of the actual design work. Alternatives are discussed together and plans are illustrated, for example, by means of 3D modelling. Achievement of goals is monitored and the results are reported throughout the project.


Department Director, Hospital Design
Santeri Kondakov
+35840 556 0555

Deputy Managing Director
Kari Kaleva
+35850 525 2240

Group Manager, Electrical
Ralf Lindström
+35850 568 6097