Fixed medical equipment

We have extensive expertise dealing with both small and large medical equipment procurement projects. Our fixed medical equipment design services cover all medical facilities, from health care centers to university central hospitals. We also specialize in fixed equipment used in different types of laboratories.

We have developed modern tools and methods to support our work. 3D-design and space visualization, for example, is important when designing medical equipment. Our service includes consultancy during all stages of a procurement process, from preliminary planning to the monitoring of installation work at the construction site.

Customer-oriented design

We will always discuss the design aims with the different user groups as it forms the foundation of our design process. Our services take place from preliminary design phase to execution and construction phase.

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

The reprocessing of surgical equipment is a highly technical process and the designers of CSSD facilities must be familiar with hospital operations and hygiene practices as well as the technical aspects of different devices and automation systems. Our design team has experience in designing several large central sterile supply departments.

An CSSD is at the core of hospital operations, ensuring sterile equipment for all procedures. A modern CSSD is a production unit which contains a large amount of automation and a variety of software solutions monitoring the production.

Our team includes people with qualifications in both automation and IT, enabling us to design a seamless process. If necessary, the process can be divided between different equipment manufacturers. 


Group Manager
Antti Pohjonen
+35810 759 2108