Granlund – helping municipalities every day

We provide municipalities with building services design, consultation and software services for the entire real estate life cycle. Our consultation services for municipalities include issues related to real estate management, energy efficiency and service structure (service network reviews), as well as environmental and safety matters.

Our designers possess special expertise, for example, in hospitals and the healthcare sector as well as education and industry. We provide municipalities with software design services and ready-made software, such as Granlund Manager, a maintenance management system.

Service network review creates options
A service or real estate network review provides the client with a proposal for a new and better functioning service network. The review may focus, for example, on the schools of a municipality or a town, day care centre services or office real estate of joint municipal authorities.

Granlund cooperates in service network reviews with Kuntamaisema Oy, Sito, Inspira and the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI).

Better services for residents
Service network review looks forward to the future. Costs are approached via services used by the residents, since providing them is five to ten times more expensive than maintaining real estate. Concrete measures of the review include user surveys and operational analysis using the Diamond model.

When people's real needs are compared with existing building stock in the municipality, it is possible to identify which facets of the activities of the municipality are expensive and which are affordable. The aim is to discover a service and real estate model where services are produced with a focus on users, economically and equally.


Director, Granlund Manager services
Veikko Martiskainen
+35850 563 8226