Adaptable building services for offices

Strong office facility design expertise can be found in each of Granlund's regional offices. We have known the requirements of Finnish buildings for over fifty years. We design flexibly adaptable, easy-to-use, energy-efficient and modern offices.

Our experienced and skilled staff ensure design control over large and architectonically challenging office facilities. Our design team is continuously developing itself and knows the latest building services alternatives.

We take the versatile use of the facilities into account from the early stages of the project planning. We also agree on the design adaptability criteria with the customer. This means we can ensure an end result adaptable to various uses and situations with minor changes to building services during the entire life cycle of the building.

Energy efficiency for modern offices
In an energy-efficient office, the lighting, temperature and air-conditioning of various premises are controlled according to the frequency of use and user needs. The eco-friendliness of the office is promoted by favouring recyclable materials and renewable sources of energy. Property management services control the regular maintenance and energy economy of the building.

Read more about opportunities to save energy with lighting design.

Security and safety for visitors and staff
Security and safety are among the absolute necessities in modern office buildings. We design individual safety solutions and comprehensive security systems that ensure that the building is safe for the users and assets at all times of the day.

Backup power supplies and UPS and CPS equipment ensure power is supplied and data and security systems function even during blackouts. Fire alarm and extinguishing systems prevent and minimise damage, while video surveillance and access control as well as burglary detection systems keep unwanted guests away.


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