Comprehensive building services for multi-purpose arenas

Our extensive international experience gives us confidence in the building services design of sports training complexes and multi-purpose arenas. Refrigeration systems for ice sports arenas and management of challenging circumstances are among our areas of special expertise.

We provide energy-efficient overall solutions for sports and ice sports arenas, which utilise, for example, heat recovery. Careful design allows us to predict the needs of future users and to control the use and maintenance costs of the building in the long run.

We pay particular attention to the control of the indoor conditions of the various parts of the arena, such as temperature, ventilation, odour removal and humidity. We ensure that the building as a whole functions well, right down to the training, maintenance and accommodation facilities. If external conditions are in order, athletes are free to achieve top performances in front of capacity crowds.

Expert in refrigeration systems for ice sports arenas
Refrigeration design and utilisation of modern refrigeration technologies require expertise. We guarantee well-functioning conditions in ice sports arenas, where the ice and AV equipment generating heat, lighting and the audience are in balance. We mostly use ammonia as a refrigerant, which is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to HFC refrigerants.


Department Director, FM Services
Timo Heikkilä
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Group Manager
Frank Jäderholm
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