Transportation and logistics

Expert in demanding traffic-related construction

Grandlund has been designing extensive transportation and railway construction projects since the 1980s. Our transportation construction experts are well-versed in long term projects that require expertise, experience and the ability to predict the challenges of the implementation stage.

Customers will be provided with the latest technical solutions and knowledgeable, clearly presented and well-grounded recommendations of various alternatives as support for decision-making. The early design stage is decisive, since choices made then will ultimately determine the investment and life cycle costs of the construction as a whole.

Shared goals are determined before the actual design work begins. We aim to ensure that construction and maintenance work related to building services are implemented smoothly and without having to close the building. We will pay attention to expansion opportunities even at the design stage to ensure that traffic solutions adapt as the town grows.

Safe underground construction
Granlund has extensive experience in underground construction and special sites, such as designing service stations. We are also experts in building services design for cramped underground urban environments, such as parking facilities.

Operational reliability and energy efficiency
The aim of our underground solutions is to create a well-functioning and safe environment for large numbers of users. In HVAC design, we pay special attention to the operational reliability and efficiency of the energy solutions. Control and data communications system are ensured by backup power, CPS and UPS devices.


Director, HVAC
Paavo Tikkanen
+35850 563 8223