Construction monitoring

Construction monitoring experts for each stage of the project

We ensure a high level of performance during demanding renovation projects through our solid expertise.

We act as the customer's expert and safeguard their interests during every stage of a construction project from preparations and design phases to the building, introduction and maintenance phases. We ensure that the customer's goals are sufficiently defined at the beginning of the project and that the goals are being achieved throughout the project.

We make the implementation of a project easy for our customer. The aim of our solutions is to minimize the inconvenience caused by the renovation to the users of the facilities. We are in charge of controlling the project finances, schedules and quality. We regularly report to different parties on the progress of our projects. We pay particular attention during the installation and inspection of HVAC systems and make sure they are used correctly thereafter.


Design Director, Renovation building
Sauli Heino
+35850 544 6635