Quality assurance during construction

Proactive quality assurance ensures that the building works as planned

A large number of buildings are received and taken into use with functional defects, which causes complaints and faults during the warranty period. Systematic quality assurance of the building automation and HVAC technology systems during the construction phase ensures that the building works correctly and as planned when received by the new owner.

In addition to design and review assignments, our specialists have extensive experience of building automation monitoring, inspection and construction assignments.

Through systematic, proactive reception and phased inspection procedures we ensure that the design aims are met during the construction phase. The aim is that the building works correctly and as planned when received by the new owner.  

A building automation system can have a significant impact on the indoor air quality as well as the performance and energy efficient use of HVAC systems. In order to achieve a functional building, it is essential to focus on the functional tests and test runs of the HVAC systems and building automation systems as well as on the adjustment and fine-tuning of the systems. It is also important to reserve enough time for this work and the inspections during both the construction and reception phases.

We always document the inspection results and the checklists we use for different inspection phases come directly from our design system.


Department Director, Building Automation
Anders Strand
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