Building services technology supported by extensive range of special services

The cornerstones of our design expertise are strong relationships with our customers, innovations and the use of modern information technology as part of design work. Our capacity to undertake work, versatile expertise and advanced tools ensure that we are able to meet our customers' demanding needs in a reliable and timely manner.

Our design process is based on the aims agreed on with the customer, which is recorded at the beginning of the project. We monitor and report back to the customer on the progress of the project during different design stages.

Project design method will be agreed with the customer in a site-specific manner. We have excellent expertise and strong competence in building information modelling (BIM). Traditional design methods are also suitable for many sites.

We have excellent prerequisites for the calculation of energy consumption as well as construction and life-cycle costs. Analysis and consideration of environmental matters is also part of our operating model.

Our design method is based on the utilization of building information modeling, which ensures an efficient and goal-oriented design process and helps us to identify potential problems during the construction phase. We are able to estimate a building's energy consumption and the costs of building the building services systems at an early stage of the design process which makes the installation work easier during the construction phase.


Department Director, Electrical
Topi Volama
+35840 547 9199

Deputy Managing Director
Jukka Tyni
+35850 525 0211

Director, HVAC
Paavo Tikkanen
+35850 563 8223

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