Building automation

Well-functioning building automation is energy-efficient and comfortable

Our building automation design covers the design, consultation and monitoring duties of demanding and varied new building and renovation targets. A large portion of assignments consists of separate reconstruction and renovation projects (energy efficiency projects) related to property building automation and the improvement of energy efficiency and various survey tasks. We also perform electrification and HVAC design tasks related to building automation.

The realisation of energy efficiency requirements and objectives can be significantly promoted by steering and adjusting building services in accordance with the use and requirements of the facilities. In design, we pay increasing attention to the management and optimisation of indoor air conditions, the function of building services and energy management as well as reporting ability of the building automation system and the property, since clear and easy-to-understand information is needed to be distributed both to the people in charge of property maintenance and the building users. We offer Metrix services for monitoring and auditing conditions.

We have designed innovative control and adjustment solutions for shopping centres and educational institutions as an example, the usage rates of which varies by hour and day. Significant savings have been achieved in annual energy costs without compromising the quality of indoor air. It is possible to apply for a state energy subsidy for energy-efficient projects.


Department Director, Building Automation
Anders Strand
+35850 525 2264