Electrical design solutions to reach customer's goals

We operate as electrical, telecommunication and safety & security specialists for the builder and a specialist collaborator for the project architect.

Our innovative and cost-efficient design process guarantees energy-efficient and functional electrical systems and good working conditions for the client and end-users.

Our way of working in the field of electrical engineering emphasizes especially the concept design phase – calculations, analysis and comparisons of different electrical systems play an important role in assisting us and clients to achieve the best results. During the detailed design phase, the functional and financial target values of the selected electrical systems will be achieved.

In addition, we want to support the optimization of the use and consumption of energy in the project buildings. BIM-based models are used for design comparisons and energy and indoor climate simulations.

Our database design system provides possibility for flexible use of the design data also during the construction phase as well as possibility to transfer the data to different facilities management systems during the whole life-cycle of the building.


Department Director, Electrical
Topi Volama
+35840 547 9199

Senior Advisor, Electrical
Matti Urjo
+35850 525 2242

Technical Director, Electrical
Pasi Poikonen
+35810 759 2353