We create better indoor environments based on customer needs

We offer HVAC design for all stages of the project, from the needs survey to monitoring of the completed building functionality. Our long experience covers numerous industries as well as HVAC solutions required by various types of buildings. We present fresh ideas for the projects and evaluate their implementation and life cycle costs as support for decision-making already in the early stages of the project.

The design takes into account the continuously developing energy regulations, environmental classifications and energy-efficient systems solutions. In cooperation with other designers, we aim to achieve the energy goals set. We use the latest dynamic calculation and simulation software, complying with the latest energy regulations to ensure that the goal values for indoor air are met.

Building information modelling (BIM) ensures functionality and correct dimensioning as early as the design stage. In this way, HVAC technical networks may already be balanced and adjusted in the design model. Cruise review of the BIM model enables the flexible progress of installation work. The worksite can utilise the BIM model in the planning of installation, sourcing and visualisation of the end result.

Granlund's large group of HVAC designers and experts continuously develops its expertise and work methods. In construction projects, well-functioning cooperation with the customer and other designers is particularly important for us. We aim to be at the forefront of technical expertise without forgetting high quality customer service.


Director, HVAC
Paavo Tikkanen
+35850 563 8223

Department Director, HVAC & Plumbing
Jukka Tyni
+35850 525 0211

Department Director, Hospital Design
Santeri Kondakov
+35840 556 0555