Building Information Modeling

Our design and calculation services are based on the use of a BIM model of the building

BIM is a generally approved process to produce construction project designs. BIM does not in any way replace traditional design – the aim of modelling is to assist fact-based decision-making and provide building services plans, the content of which will also be understandable to people who are not professionals in building services.

BIM is a design method. There is no BIM-based design as such, there is only design.

With the help of a building services BIM model, the contractor and the customer will have access to a data warehouse, which they can utilise for their own purposes.

Successful BIM requires new kind of thinking from the various construction project parties. Cooperation, respect for the other party and understanding your own role in its entirety are the first steps to implementing a successful BIM project.

There must be a clear need for BIM in a construction project. BIM always has a specific use, for example, coordination of plans, worksite use, alternative energy simulations, etc.

Our operating environment

In our internal building information modelling (BIM), we comply with the Common BIM requirements 2012 publication in all design areas.

In BIM models for both the building and building services systems, we trust in open standards. We create an operating environment for integrated design software with IFC files.

We participate in national and international development projects on the utilisation of BIM models. We use the knowledge derived from these projects in the continuous development of our own operating environment.


Technology Director
Tero Järvinen
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