Energy efficiency

We are strongly involved in developing energy efficiency

Requirements related to the energy and environmental efficiency of the built environment are growing at an increasing pace. New technologies, comprehensive thinking and implementation of new EU directives make the development of the energy efficiency of built environments a field of operations demanding increasingly multidisciplinary competence.

Both developers and the owners and users of properties alike have awoken to this change, demanding increasingly diverse ideas about how to solve energy-related issues from their cooperation partners. Expert energy consultation and calculation play an increasingly important role in building design.

Granlund provides energy consultation services with over 50 years' experience for new, renovated and existing buildings. Thanks to our extensive expert network, we can offer the most comprehensive selection of building energy consultation services in Finland. Our customers appreciate the comprehensive competence and ‑problem-solving ability in our activities. We offer service, not just calculation.


Director, Energy and environment, Granlund Consulting Oy
Ville Reinikainen
+35850 541 5375