Energy and life cycle design

Energy and life cycle design services with over 50 years of experience

Energy regulations are becoming increasingly strict and in 2021 buildings will be almost exclusively zero energy constructions. Even now, users are demanding increasingly higher energy efficiency from their facilities.

Expert energy and life cycle design play an increasingly important role in building design. Granlund provides energy and life cycle design services with over 50 years' experience in new, renovated and existing buildings.

Thanks to our extensive expert network, we can offer the most comprehensive selection of services in Finland. Our customers appreciate the comprehensive competence and problem-solving ability we demonstrate in our activities. We offer solutions, not just calculations.

From the start of the project avoiding partial optimisation
The focus of energy and life cycle design is in the initial stage of both new and renovation construction projects, when the most important solutions are agreed. These largely define the life cycle costs and environmental effects of a building.

When looking for solutions, the focus is on what are the overall effects of the measures on the energy efficiency of a building instead of partial optimisation. This way, investments may be allocated so that the benefit is at its greatest during the life cycle of the building.

Granlund's skilled energy and life cycle designers will provide you with the following services to support your project:

  • energy and life cycle control of design
  • energy calculation and alternative reviews
  • renewable energy surveys
  • life cycle cost calculation
  • environmental impact and carbon footprint calculation
  • energy optimizing tools.

In addition, our energy and life cycle design packages include

  • energy calculations for construction projects
  • drawing up of design guideline
  • energy reviews at the design stage
  • topical energy training events
  • regional energy reports


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