Energy efficiency agreement

Our services cover all the agreement areas

The aim of the Finnish Government's energy efficiency agreements is a 9 per cent decrease in energy consumption by 2016. The system is used as a means to reach the energy savings objectives set by international climate conventions and the EU.

The system includes many agreement sectors; for example, business, property and municipal sectors all have their own agreements. The energy efficiency agreement has already been signed by several hundred Finnish organisations.

Granlund's service range covers all the different areas of energy efficiency agreements:

  • joining the agreement
  • annual reporting of energy use and improvement of efficiency 
  • energy reviews and surveys to recognise savings potential 
  • energy subsidy applications for investments
  • energy efficiency plans
  • implementation of energy efficiency measures with the help of, for example, the Pilot services
  • energy efficiency training and communications.

Handling the requirements of various different agreement areas is a part of our expertise. At this very moment, we are helping numerous companies and property owners with the management of energy efficiency agreements and their reaching of savings goals. Read more about how our customers took advantage of an energy investment subsidy as part of a building services renovation project.


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