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The Energy portal introduces customer projects in which energy efficiency and energy solutions have played a major role. These projects have saved energy and money, reduced carbon footprint and involved a lot of collaboration.

The real estate life cycle map (above) provides you with links to Granlund's services. By clicking the links you can find more detailed information regarding our versatile services.

The life cycle begins by making important decisions in terms of energy. In many cases it makes sense to expand the examination beyond the confines of the real estate. The Tapiola center development project included energy reviews that covered the entire area.

Energy efficiency and solutions always require collaboration – the customer's aim, the future use, architecture, technological development etc. There is a need for a variety of expertise. The knotworking model involves intensive collaboration. Based on our experience, two months' work can typically be squeezed into two days using the knotworking model and good decisions can still be made.

Existing buildings, even if they are old, often have the potential for savings. By doing audits and tweaking the technical systems, you can achieve surprisingly large savings. The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) conducted audits of its existing buildings in Meilahti and the results were delightful.

During the maintenance phase, energy management requires new tools and approaches. The entirely new Metrix model makes it possible to constantly verify the level of energy efficiency. The model is not based on historical data or ambiguous figures. Instead, Metrix combines a high-standard of expertise with real-time real estate data – every day.

We hope that this energy portal works as a source of inspiration when property owners, users and the service sector look for solutions to their own energy issues. Our aim is to regularly update the cases. Contact us if you want to share your story.


Director, Energy and environment, Granlund Consulting Oy
Ville Reinikainen
+35850 541 5375