Energy review

Improved energy efficiency with reviews

In an energy review our experts find out possibilities to reduce energy use. The review results in a clear list of measures which includes the implementation of solutions, investment needs, impact of the new measures on energy consumption and costs.

The first stage of the review is to examine the building's energy balance and the distribution of energy flows with the help of measurements and calculations. Energy saving reviews focus on the systems and equipment that use the most energy and have the highest costs.

The next stage is to identify the measures to increase energy efficiency in a way that takes the existing restrictions into consideration and does not, for example, reduce the indoor air quality. This includes going through both technical and investment measures.

The potential savings achieved through viable measures are identified through calculations. In addition, we prepare cost estimates for implementing the new measures.

The review will present the current energy use situation, possible solutions or proposed measures, the required investments and potential savings.

Energy reviews can be conducted:   

  • according to Motiva's review models in which case you can apply for a grant from the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
  • according to specific content and reporting modes agreed on with the customer (e.g. measure-centered reporting, in which case the information is entered directly into the customer's Granlund Manager system)
  • as part of Energy Pilot service
  • as part of the design project 


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