Energy services for property users

Energy savings by changing useroperating models

Savings have been achieved quite efficiently through professional property maintenance procedures. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of how buildings are used. Our services aimed at property users aim to decrease energy consumption through the review of users' electricity consumption, as well as through training and motivation.

Review of users' electricity consumption
User electricity consumption, in other words the electricity consumed by lighting and equipment, generally accounts for over half of a typical office building's electricity consumption. The review of users' electricity consumption delves into various factors affecting consumption whilst highlighting measures to decrease consumption. Typically, the appropriate use of lighting and equipment, as well as intelligent control solutions typically play a key role in energy saving.

The review of users' electricity consumption reveals the energy-saving potential and helps to understand significance of users' own actions in energy consumption. Significant energy consumption increase can be achieved with energy investments and use habit changes related to the review. In addition, the review provides useful information for energy efficiency training and communications directed at users.

Training and motivation towards energy efficiency
Operating models of property users have a significant role in energy consumption. For, example, it is possible to halve the energy consumption of workstations at an office by appropriate use of equipment. Training and motivation aim at recognising this savings potential and changing use customs, making energy saving part of the everyday life.

The service can be directed at the entire user organisation, or selected energy efficiency support personnel who encourage their colleagues to use energy sensibly. The service includes training events and support materials to recognise energy savings and maintain energy efficiency. Regularly repeated training events are a way to set objectives for staff and to monitor their achievement in a consistent manner. 


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