Metrix services

Comprehensive information about the functioning of the building services systems

Metrix services aim to make the use of energy more efficient, to verify good indoor air and to ensure that building service systems work in the desired manner. This will ensure that the goals and quality set for design remain at a high enough level.

Enough information about building services systems 

Building automation systems detection of improvement targets in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and functioning and performance of building services. 

Modern building automation systems provide a great deal of information. The Granlund Manager Metrix software and services allow the production of information about building services system functions and energy efficiency in an effective and transparent manner to all building parties. At the same time, energy level achievement is ensured and it can be developed further.

Metrix services focus on ensuring the energy efficiency and functionality of the property by utilising building automation and other property information systems. The Metrix service enables the attainment of quickly visible results.

Granlund's Metrix experts provide support to the various property parties in problem situations, as well as clear information about the systems statuses so that the property management and maintenance can better focus on their own duties. The service can also be used flexibly during the warranty period.


Expert, Building Automation
Mika Virkki
+35850 310 0116