Optimization tool for the examination of alternatives in a construction project

A successful construction project requires careful examination of alternatives at the beginning. For example, there is usually only time to compare a couple of alternatives with regard to energy efficiency and then it is time to move on to the design stage. What if it was possible to prepare 100-1000 alternatives in a couple of hours and analyze the results during a workshop in just a few days?

Granlund has developed a new tool for the examination and optimization of alternative solutions. We are now able to calculate, compare and visualize different variables affecting a construction project, including the effects of energy efficient construction solutions on indoor air. The optimization tool is particularly suitable for so-called knotworking workshops where it supports the analysis of alternative solutions. Knotworking brings together the key parties of a project and during a 1 or 2-day workshop they can find the optimum solution, for example in terms of energy efficiency. Previously we have utilized knotworking workshops, for example, in energy and condition surveys of schools.

The optimization tool has been developed in EU funded ISES and locally funded RYM PRE Model Nova projects. Granlund tool is part of the ISES Virtual Energy Lab (VEL). Granlund's HVAC designer Tapani Idman has also explored the theme in his master's thesis entitled “Parametrization of energy simulation and development of energy-efficient building design, analysis and decision making process”. 


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