Regional energy solutions

Optimisation of the energy solution from the plot to city level

Granlund's regional energy consulting services allow you to affect the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of an area being planned and to analyse the profitability and eco-friendliness of various energy production solutions. We offer varied energy and environmental consultation services for the various stages of city planning and analysis, comparison and design of regional energy solutions.

Granlund's services comprise workshops held with the customer and various stakeholders using, for example, scenario methods, regional energy simulations and calculations based on 3D modelling, as well as various technical-economic surveys and life cycle analyses and calculations. Granlund will provide you with, for example,

  • a concrete action plan to achieve the energy target in your area 
  • varied future scenarios both from the perspective of new and additional construction
  • energy consumption and power requirements in your area now and in the future
  • the consumption profile in your area even at an hourly level for peak power reviews
  • costs analyses based on calculated facts 
  • the carbon footprint in your area now and after planned changes.

Our special area in regional energy consultation is our comprehensive competence in construction energy solutions and renewable energy production, as well as in the understanding of opportunities provided by city planning in the practical implementation of energy solutions.


Energy Consultant, Granlund Consulting Oy
Juha Viholainen
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