Versatile environmental consultation

People spend a great deal of time indoors. In western countries, we all spend time not only at home, but also at work, day care centers, health care facilities, stores and so on. There are countless numbers of heated, ventilated and lit spaces everywhere.

As part of the international objectives, Finland's long-term goal to be achieved by 2050 is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent from the level it was in 1990.

The shift to a low emission society requires us to enhance energy efficiency, develop new technologies, change our habits and adopt a new leadership style.

Granlund accepts the challenge. We support and guide our customers and property users in regards to environmental matters. Our services include a variety of environmental classifications, carbon footprint reviews, versatile energy reviews and the development of new concepts.        

Our industry has an excellent opportunity to raise its profile and open doors for other industries (in other words the property users) by taking an active role in environmental issues.


Technology Director
Ken Dooley
+35850 315 2417

Consultant, Environment, Granlund Consulting Oy
Anne Vierinen
+35840 531 7550