Environmental classifications

Finland's most versatile knowledge in LEED and BREEAM classifications

Environmental classifications help to build and maintain buildings with a small environmental footprint but simultaneously good indoor air conditions and other use characteristics. There are several environmental classification systems on the market, the most well-known of which are the American LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the British BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) classifications. Granlund employs Finland's most versatile group of LEED and BREEAM qualified experts. Our competence provides comprehensive solutions to challenges related to the entire life cycle of the building.

Certification increases the value of the property
For a building, environmental classification is a marketing argument and image factor. Research indicates that buildings with environmental classifications have lower than average operating costs and higher than average rent income. Return on investment is also higher as is the value of the building. According to a recent study by Aalto University, environmental certification may increase the value of an office building by up to 9 per cent in Finland.

Environmental classifications are suited to various stages of the building's life cycle
Environmental classification systems can be adapted to both new and an existing buildings. The aim of providing an existing building with an environmental classification is the minimisation of environmental effects during use while maximising the effectiveness of the use of the building. The environmental classification of an existing building helps the owners and users to implement sustainable procedures. When applying for an environmental classification for an existing building, an important part is played by the use habits and maintenance of the building, as well as responsible operating models.

Energy efficiency is a significant part of environmental classifications
When aiming for high environmental classification levels, the significance of criteria related to energy efficiency is emphasised. We at Granlund have provided consultation on issues related to energy for over 30 years and can offer the best expertise, for example, in energy simulations, operations verification and energy reviews.


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