Environmental management

Expertise in the management of environmental and corporate responsibility

Products, services and partners are increasingly selected based on environmental and corporate responsibility image. Taking environmental perspectives, energy efficiency and responsibility into account in the operations of the company often also reduce costs in addition to the overall environmental impact.

Granlund's experts assist your company in developing corporate responsibility and operating models related to sustainable development. Moreover, we provide various surveys and calculations supporting environmental management, such as environmental benchmark surveys, risk analyses and carbon footprint and energy reviews.

Corporate responsibility requires management
We support companies in the development of strategies, programmes and operating methods related to responsibility and sustainable development. We know environmental management international standard requirements (for example, ISO 14 001) and know how to help in bringing then into practice.

We develop environmental management and monitoring methods for our customer. We provide GRI-compatible tools for corporate responsibility communications and can help with the calculation of indicators, such carbon dioxide emissions.

The most comprehensive understanding of energy management on the market
Energy management of built environments throughout their entire life cycle is our special expertise. For this, we offer the most extensive energy efficiency competence and overall understanding of energy management on the market. We are well versed in the requirements of the ISO 50001 energy management standard as well as voluntary energy efficiency agreements (KETS, TETS). Our experts will assist your company in finding the best solutions for the energy management of buildings and properties.

Support for environmental and energy-efficient product and concept development
We draw up surveys and calculations for studying the environmental impact of alternative solutions and perform, for example, energy and life cycle cost calculations, life cycle assessments, benchmarking of best international practices and analysis of changes in the legislation. Granlund has extensive expertise, for example, in carbon footprint calculations required for competitive tendering and design competitions. We know the standards EN 15804 and ISO 14040 related to environmental declarations (EPD, Environmental Product Declaration) and can help in questions related to them.

Risk management helps to prepare
Our experts help to find environmental risks in an individual property or a larger property portfolio with help of, for example, environmental surveys (EDD, Environmental Due Diligence) or risk analyses. We may also study the risks to our customers' business operations caused by changes in construction and property sector legislation and standards.

We provide training in topics related to environmental and corporate responsibility and energy management. We can also provide training tailored to a company or organisation.


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