Maintenance manual

A well-kept maintenance manual corresponds to the needs of your property

Granlund's maintenance manual services provide you with the market's

  • best competence
  • most extensive resources
  • highest quality application
  • continuous development
  • an end result that is more than just a maintenance manual

Maintenance manual coordination and preparation
Granlund has over 15 years' experience of drawing up maintenance manuals. Our services cover the coordination and preparation of maintenance manuals both for existing properties and new and reconstruction projects. Our skilled and experienced experts ensure that the end result meets you and your property's needs, as well as official requirements.

An electronic maintenance manual is also possible to implement in Granlund Manager software, which, for example, can be expanded to long-term plan management and energy monitoring. Depending on customer needs, we can implement the maintenance manual for other electronic maintenance manual applications. Our experts have comprehensive experience using the most important maintenance manual applications in the market.

Maintenance manual services
The added value produced by the maintenance manual can be achieved only through its efficient use. With Granlund's maintenance manual services, we help you ensure that your maintenance manuals are used in the best possible manner and that they genuinely support the maintenance activities and ever changing needs of the property. We can also provide you with training and, when needed, report, audit and revise your maintenance manual. Our services also include the tendering of maintenance services.

Our maintenance manual service includes:

  • training
  • user guidance
  • reporting
  • auditing
  • revision
  • service acquisition
  • rescue plans

Rescue plans
Rescue plans drawn up by us are based on the expertise we have acquired over 15 years, regular maintenance of professional skills, continuous development and taking into account the special requirements of numerous different property types. Our experts have drawn up dozens of rescue plans for shopping centres, offices and industrial facilities, as well as residential buildings.


Director, Granlund Manager services
Veikko Martiskainen
+35850 563 8226