Collaboration with The Conclude Consultancy

Granlund Oy has formed a collaboration with the UK based Conclude Consultancy, a highly innovative company that specialises in low carbon hospital design.

Under the leadership of Professor Matthew Bacon, Conclude has been developing a new approach to lower carbon design supported by Granlund and Georgia Tech University in the United States.

Granlund is working with Professor Bacon on a major new hospital redevelopment in the UK. The team has been collaborating on the development of what Professor Bacon has conceived as a Whole Facility Energy Model. The model is unique in that it considers how facilities are occupied and used, and this knowledge is used to accurately forecast energy In-Use. To enable his vision to be achieved, Professor Bacon has been developing a new science called Occupancy Analytics, with support from Georgia Tech University. This model simulates facility use and informs the project team with key data concerning the requirements for cooling, heating and ventilating the facility. This data is then utilised to optimise the facility engineering systems design as well as the facility controls specification.

"This new approach will enable us to optimise the design of the engineering systems in a way that has never before been possible. It will enable our clients to reduce the size of the plant and the consequential capital costs as well as reduce the running costs and carbon emissions. It truly is a 'win win ' strategy."

Dr Piia Sormunen Director of Energy & Environment, Granlund Oy

The Conclude Consultancy was recently long-listed for the Business Sustainability Innovation Award 2012, sponsored by the UK's Guardian newspaper.

"We are delighted to be part of this highly innovative team. The work demonstrates that it is not simply good technology that will help us achieve low carbon performance. As engineers we need to understand much better how buildings are planned to be used, so that we can design systems that are much more responsive to the different needs of users. We are convinced that this work being led out of the UK, has many applications here in Finland".

Pekka Metsi CEO, Granlund Oy


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